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Lottery Name: El Gordo
Country: Spain
Lottery Draw Time: Sun
Minimum Jackpot: R83,400,000
Numbers to Pick: 5 out of 54
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 31,625,100

El Gordo Primitiva: Huge Spanish Jackpot Comes to SA

If you happen to travel to Spain around Christmas time, you will most likely come across super long lines that stretch outside every single kiosk around town. And if you ask the locals ‘what are you queuing for?’ the answer will be El Gordo! Or, The Fat One. It’s a 100-year tradition that has made a lot of Spaniards VERY rich. So it’s no surprise they decided to spread the fun across the entire year and hold a weekly game called El Gordo Primitiva.

El Gordo’s odds are great across all 8 categories, and apart from the jackpot, the draw is meant to allow as many people as possible a small to medium win. The huge amount of winners across the years has made El Gordo the most popular game in Spain, and now you can also change your regular life and buy your ticket at KayaMoola - Spanish-style!

Get your ticket here. All it takes is a few simple clicks to get you closer to that big, fat El Gordo Primitiva lottery prize!

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